'After' Movie Poster by Fighting Irish Studios
‘After’ Movie Poster by Fighting Irish Studios


Your business is faceless without good design.

Making sure you stand out in the crowd is our priority.  Working with the highest quality of graphic design will ensure that each printed piece you distribute is as distinct and personal as your signature.  Customers will understand the pride you have in your product by the quality of design you brand yourself with.


Why Design?


Increased Sales

Quality products and services can be showcased with your design and incite your customers to pay your price point because you have made an immediate visual promise of amazing goods and/or services.  Your look sets the tone of your ability and accomplishment.

Improved Comprehension and Retention

Presenting print is a strategic balance of psychological enticement and making sure what you put out gets looked at and read is what we do best.  Making sure your money is well spent on copy is putting enticing design on paper.

Customer Confidence

Reliability, accountability and professionalism can all be conveyed with incredible design.  Often your print design is your first “pitch”.  When your design conveys you and your business, customers will know who the stand out candidate to work with is.

Common Design Items

We can design just about anything that gets printed on paper. Here is a list of common items we design.

  • Ad
  • Album Art
  • Annual Report
  • Apparel
  • Banner
  • Billboard
  • Book
  • Book Cover
  • Brochure
  • Business Card
  • Calendar
  • Catalog
  • Cd Booklet
  • Cd Sleeve
  • Door Hanger
  • Dvd/cdr
  • Envelope
  • Expo Display
  • Flyer
  • Folder
  • Hang Tag
  • Invitation
  • Label
  • Letterhead
  • Magazine
  • Mailer
  • Menu
  • Newsletter
  • Notepad
  • Postcard
  • Poster
  • Program
  • Sell Sheet
  • Stage Scrim Sticker
  • Table Tent Ticket
  • Vehicle Wrap


The Legend of Gnarlwood Forest by Fighting Irish Studios
The Legend of Gnarlwood Forest by Fighting Irish Studios

The Art of Communication

Fighting Irish Studios isn’t just selling you a design, they are selling you a work of art.  They pride themselves on being founded by illustrators.  They are not only the right piece for the job, they are the most beautiful and stand out piece for the job.  All of our designers have degrees in design and a burning passion for art.

Additional Benefits


Improved Referability

We work on the quality of our product alone.  As a stand-alone piece, your print materials will be talked about and the name ‘Fighting Irish Studios’ will come up.  We not only promise our design will help you sell your product or service, but we show you that our design will sell our products and services.  We work by example and referral.

Sales Team Confidence

We give our customers an edge by creating print materials that can be handed to a prospective client before the conversation begins, and having the material speak for you.  Bold and confident designs start your conversation with clients on the upper edge for you.  Your sales team will appreciate the extra advantage.

Our Process


  • Concepts

    Great brands are built on ideas.


  • Style Board

    A first look at the aesthetic.


  • Sketches

    Yes, we still use pencils!


  • Design

    Multiple proofs are presented.


  • Final Render

    Final files are polished.


ROTZ Movie Poster by Fighting Irish Studios
ROTZ Movie Poster by Fighting Irish Studios



F.I.S. Branding

Beginning with your brand Fighting Irish Studios can bring it to life with quality print materials and other tangibles that will stay with your prospective clients.

F.I.S. Web & Strategy

Allow Fighting Irish Studios to continue to multiply and grow your business with a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Your enhanced website will act as either an introduction to YOU, or a second touch point for current customers.  Streamlining your information and access to your products and services combined with beautiful graphics only helps you to propagate your business.



Tell us about your next project.

All initial consultations and quotes are absolutely free. While it typically requires a little back-and-forth to provide an accurate quote, this form is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Simply provide the basic idea of your logo design or other graphic design goals and we’ll follow up with you ASAP!


If a conversation would be easier, we encourage you to contact our Account Services Manager:

Hello! I’m Shawn-Todd, your Account Services manager. I’m excited to hear about your next project.

Not a fan of forms? Give me a buzz:

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