Star Wars 1977: The Video Game UPDATE.

Star Wars 1977 The video Game Main Title Screen

Star Wars 1977 The video Game Main Title Screen


Star Wars 1977: The Video Game UPDATE.
We have decided to base our Main Title screen on the early concept art of the original movie. We will have 3-5 versions of the main title screen that will alternate when the player starts up the game. The below picture could be the first design we are going to use. Most of the art chosen will assuredly be by Ralph McQuarrie. Stay Tuned for more news!

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Star Wars 1977: the video game title

Star Wars 1977: The Video Game | UPDATE

Star Wars 1977: The Video Game | UPDATE
Here is an update and short documentary concerning the development of Star Wars 1977: The Video Game. This is the first part of the series that explores the development of the game and gives you a unique insight into the mind and goals of the primary programmer and artist Shawn-Todd O’Malley as he works to update and finish this project.
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GeekOff Magazine is on YouTube (finally)!

GeekOff Magazine is on Youtube

GeekOff Magazine is on Youtube

We talk about Science, Art, Pop-Culture, History, Video Games, Nature, Movies, Comics, and Technology! Our objective is to present and share the wonder and the beauty of the achievements of the Human Race and the Universe as they…Okay, you busted us! That’s all bullshit! We are really here to just have fun. If we make you cry it’s because we made you laugh too damn hard!

GeekOff Magazine has now started it’s own YouTube channel. It’s a place where you can find all the same great stuff that we have on out Facebook page but there is even more of it!

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GeekOff Magazine on YouTube

GeekOff Magazine is a Facebook page all about Science, Art, Pop Culture, History, Video Games, Nature, Movies, Comics, and Technology, Here you can find all latest info about Fighting Irish Studios, You can contact us if you need any help or services from Us, Phone Number 503-468-0225. If you want more info email us – See more at:



Fighting Irish Studios - I have a dream

I have a Dream!

I am Shawn-Todd. I am the owner of Fighting Irish Studios. I would like to invite you to get to know me on a very personal and intimate level. By getting to know me you’re getting to know my company. I would love you to take a moment and click on the link below and begin that process…I thank you in advance for your time and support!

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Fighting Irish Studios Wizard World Video Game

Fighting Irish Studios Wizard World Video Game


Our first graphics update!

WIZARD WORLD is a magically delicious video game platformer where adventure is as tasty as grandma’s apple pie!

This is unique action/adventure platformer starring an uncanny wizard named Przyglidoo and a reluctant hero named Squill. Players collect certain Items through-out the levels to complete their respective quests. The player can choose to run through the level quickly as in a Mario style game or can wander around and explore. Mini-levels inside the main level show-case mini games that reward the player with special items that unlock further areas within the level. The Quest is specific for each hero and filled with plot twists.

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2D and 3D Animation Services

Fighting Irish Studios 2D and 3D Animations Services

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At F.I.S., we offer 2D & 3D animation services to make your advertising video highly engaging and entertaining.

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Wizard World

Here is a VERY early alpha demo for our video game project Wizard World. The game is playable, is limited to the first four levels, and is still a little glitchy. We have not replaced any of the temporary sprites and sounds we were using to fill-in until we developed our own and that’s okay with us because we intend to give the game a whole new look/sound when we near a more finished project presentation. until then we hope you enjoy this little update on the projects we have in the works!