Animation and Effects

Animation is art in motion.  Giving dynamism to an image is inspiring.  Fighting Irish Studios artists are extremely talented at animating 2D to intricate 3D characters and worlds.  We also have visual effects artists that can handle photo-realistic  special effects texturing, such as hair, sand, and fluid water.  We produce film quality visual effects and animation.


The Boxers -- 2D & 3D animation Services Fighting Irish Studios
The Boxers — 2D & 3D animation Services Fighting Irish Studios

Why Animation?

Animated video does what static copy can’t.  When you have put together all of your branding, advertising and web interface services for a maximum trajectory for your business, add the final touch of animation!  It will set your site in the forefront of your customers minds.

Here’s how an animated video can help…


Research shows that more people are willing to watch a video versus wading through text.  Give your customers what they want by giving them the information they need to know about you, in the way they want to receive it.  Give your clients confidence that you will best serve them by anticipating their needs and wants.


Studies show that comprehension and retention is achievable through audio-visual communication in our society now more than ever.  Video can outperform for your business in both brand building and purchasing intent on the part of your customers.


Video’s advantage to the marketer is its versatility. Video can:

  • Live on your site
  • Be emailed to your list as a link
  • Be shared on sites such as YouTube
  • Be played on a big screen at a trade show or kiosk
  • Be shown on a laptop during client meetings
  • Be pulled out of your pocket and played on devices such as iPhone or Android.

Video is portable, viral, and high-impact… the perfect utility player in your marketing mix.


Looking at animation versus live action, there is a distinct pairing down of visual information and the ability to have a more concise message.  When you film two people having a conversation and post it on your site to promote your business, it doesn’t filter out extra visual information that is unnecessary to your product.  When you choose animation you add and subtract exactly what you need to convey your message to make a higher impact on your customer to persuade them to choose your business.

Common Animation Uses

For your online marquee, you should have engaging marketing that urges your customers to share with others.  There has been a significant increase in animation for achievement driven businesses.  Exciting your clients with the engaging nature of animation gives your company the ability to communicate with a next level competence that drives consumer confidence.

Using animation will help you:

  1. Grab attention
  2. Keep audiences engaged
  3. Communicate quickly and concisely
  4. Gain understanding
  5. Make a lasting impression

Animation is simply, a facet of digital marketing.  Animation is dynamic and can be delivered in 2D or 3D depending on your objective.  Imagine how animation can launch your project. There are several uses for animation….

Internal Videos

Using video to inform, train, or inspire your employees may be the most cost-effective and streamlined way to communicate the plan and purpose of your business.  Helping strengthen your team by engaging them in your vision for the direction of your company may be the simplest conveyance.  Simplicity by design is brilliance.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos have become the concierge of the internet for businesses who are serious about engaging and retaining clients.  Being able to grant your client the availability to press play and watch your business unfold before them is similar to the digital unpacking of your brand.  Clear, concise and SIMPLE.

Broadcast Commercials

Brand building spots can be highly beneficial in some of your target regions.  Knowing your customers and THEIR customers helps you decide if Fighting Irish Studios should add this to your marketing arsenal.

Educational Videos

eLearning is proving over and over to be what the customer wants because it is education and information to fit their busy schedule.  Fighting Irish Studios can help you put together an educational suite to fit your intention and perception.


2D Character Animation

Most explainer video companies create 2D character animation by sliding, rotating, and replacing limbs and facial features. While this technique can have charm if done well, it usually lacks the fluidity and appeal of traditional, frame-by-frame animation that has been passed down to us by studios such as Disney and Warner Brothers. Fighting Irish Studios is one of the few direct-to-business animation companies that employ the traditional technique of frame-by-frame character animation.

2d and 3d animation services
2d and 3d animation services

3D Animation

With the success of companies like Pixar and Dreamworks Animation, 3D animation (sometimes called Computer-Generated Imagery, or CGI) has become the most popular form of animation there is. By creating a virtual world with its own objects, materials, and lights, 3D animation can create exceedingly rich and dimensional imagery.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is animation that uses shapes and text in dynamic ways to help bring stories and concepts to life. While it is ideal for showcasing stats and information, motion graphics is also useful for companies looking to avoid character-led messaging that might not be right for their brand.

The Assassin -- 2D & 3D animation Services Fighting Irish Studios
The Assassin — 2D & 3D animation Services Fighting Irish Studios

Our Process

  • Concepts

    We listen to your objectives and goals to understand the story you wish to convey along with your target audience, deadline and budget requirements. Key elements of this information feed in to your script, treatment and style frames.

  • Scripting & Story Board

    Whether you are adept at writing your own script or require our help and collaboration to form your story, you’ll always have the opportunity to steer, amend and finally sign off your script. This is the first major sign off point of the project as only once the script is signed off will we move ahead with the voice over recording.

  • Style Frames & Treatment

    Working in accordance with your brand guidelines and from our brief we create a number of key frames so you can see exactly how the video will look – these are not just sketched story board frames. At this time we’ll also create a written treatment, this sits inline with the script and describes what we’ll animate in time with the voice over. We believe this will give you the best understanding of how the animation will look and what it will include. This marks the 2nd sign off point of the animation project.

  • Voice Over

    We can help you find the ideal voice to match your brand and budget – if you already have your own voice over artist or would like to promote an organic approach and record your ceo/md we’re happy to accommodate this.

  • Animation

    With the script, style frames and VO signed off it’s time to start animating. Animation is not a quick process and this step may take several weeks to complete, depending on the length of the voice over. This is why it’s essential we collaborate and sign off the previous sets.

  • Audio Mix

    Any relevant spot (sound) effects are now added, huffs and puffs from the voice over removed and the pre-determined music track mixed in.

  • Sign Off

    The animated video is exported based on your technical requirements and delivered to you! We can now relax and have a cup of tea!

3D House Interior -- 2D & 3D animation Services Fighting Irish Studios
3D House Interior — 2D & 3D animation Services Fighting Irish Studios


F.I.S. Branding

Beginning with your brand Fighting Irish Studios can bring it to life with quality print materials and other tangibles that will stay with your prospective clients.

F.I.S. Web & Strategy

Allow Fighting Irish Studios to continue to multiply and grow your business with a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Your enhanced website will act as either an introduction to YOU, or a second touch point for current customers.  Streamlining your information and access to your products and services combined with beautiful graphics only helps you to propagate your business.


Tell us about your next project.

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